Eco friendly shape-changing concept lamp runs on renewable solar energy

shape changing solar powered lamp_1

The advent of LED light bulbs not only helped reduce the amount of energy consumed by an average household by a fair amount it also allowed industrial designers to devise new concepts that run entirely off-the-grid. Since LED lights require just a few milliwatts of power to light up, using solar energy as their driving force seems ideals. Working on the same lines, industrial designer Lenka Czereova has come up with a concept Solar Lamp that can change its shape to suit the mood of the user and the requirements.

The lamp,according to YD, has a tripodal design with three bendable arms, allowing the user to change its shape and use it as a great table or a floor lamp. Each of the three bendable arms carry photovoltaic cells that generate renewable energy to power an onboard battery, allowing you to use it after dark without connecting it to a wall socket.

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