Low energy house in Belgium flaunts a bamboo façade

low energy bamboo house in Belgium_1

Working to build an ecological dwelling at a site previously used by Belgians to build their individual summer houses, Architecture firm AST 77 Architecten has come with a low energy environmentally friendly house that replaces old building while making intelligent use of the existing retaining wall. The house faintly changes direction of its long front façade to create an aesthetically pleasing look.

The eco friendly home is 26.3 meters long and just 4.5 meters wide and the narrowness takes one by surprise on entering through the long front façade. The roof of the green home follows the slope of the site while further reducing the volume inside. The exterior of the structure is covered with environmentally friendly bamboo sticks that are vertically placed in the black steel frames.

Arch Daily reports that the surrounding trees create an interesting effect by allowing the sun to filter through to the interior space for passive heating, while during summers they act as a natural sunscreen. The interior space is surprisingly open and one can easily walk down towards the kitchen and the living area along with the garden level. The architects also plan to plant more trees to replace some of the trees that didn’t survive the construction process. These new trees will also act as a supplementary sunscreen and give an extra buffer towards the street.

Apart from an ecologically-built façade, the home’s cellar provides space for water cleansing and capture of rainwater while also providing access to the garden. Moreover, floor heating, heat pump, extensive insulation and a natural ventilation system reduce the energy consumed making this house a sustainable and a low-energy dwelling.

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