UK’s most luxurious and the most expensive treehouse is built using driftwood

Luxurious treehouse in Britain_1

Designers and builders have often played with new ideas and designs whenever planning to build a treehouse. The elevated abodes let occupants live in harmony with nature while forgetting about modern amenities and luxuries. Changing the conception of treehouses, British builder Chris Whalley has created one of the most luxurious treehouses we’ve ever come across. Located in Blean, Kent, the Whalley’s Treehouse did cost about $100,000 to build and comes with all amenities you’ll expect in a five star hotel.

Luxurious treehouse in Britain_3

The best part of this beautiful treehouse is that it has been made entirely out of driftwood that the builder created from a nearby beach after which it was converted into his personal holiday home. Oddity Central says that the treehouse offers five-star comforts including plumbing, electricity, a rustic interior décor and even an elevated hot tub for that ultimate experience in luxury.

Luxurious treehouse in Britain_2

The beds are covered with the finest Egyptian cotton linen and even the bathrobes and towels are from Waters and Noble. Not trying to save money on anything, the builder has equipped the treehouse with every item of modern luxury with a few furniture units costing as much as $2500. The one-of-its-kind treehouse features equally unique amenities including a log-burner, 60-inch plasma TV, Jacuzzi, a concrete-wood effect kitchen worktop, a tree trunk sink and top of the line furniture. The treehouse rests on a 25ft red cedar tree at a height of 20 feet. Check out some more photos here.

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