Eataly’s new Green Retail Park will promote eco friendly products

Eataly Green Retail Park in Turin

Oscar Farinetti the founder of Eataly is planning to build, what is being billed as the first Green Retail Park in the world in Turin. The environmentally friendly park is a new concept in retail and besides being eco friendly itself, the retail park will only be promoting eco friendly products and services. The 20,000sqm retail space will be dedicated to green shopping, including everything from food to cars.

The Green Retail Park, designed by Negozio Blu Architetti Associati, will host retail activities and services that in their production, distribution and sales are driven by a vision of environment protection and social responsibility. The building will be constructed with sustainable technologies and materials with the south facing façade providing natural screening and shading. The walls and the roof will be covered with grass and plants to reduce cooling needs. Moreover, the living walls and roof will also absorb ambient CO2 and dampen street noise.

Core 77 states that the eco friendly building will run on a variety of renewable energy sources with solar panels taking up the major share of energy generation. The space will host stores that sell eco friendly clothing and shoes, services specializing renewable energy and bio-construction, garden products, eco friendly cosmetics, sustainable furniture and other eco friendly household products.

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