Concept multi-story residential building comes with energy generating roof and windows

solar powered residential building concept_1

With dwindling energy sources and the high cost of energy is driving architects and urban planners to think of architecture that is self-sufficient in terms of energy and resources that it uses. This is the reason we see architects planning solar and wind powered buildings that rely the least on utilities for power and water. Working on the same lines architect and designer Sasha Lebedeva has designed a new multi-story residential building that requires a considerably less amount of grid electricity.

The 16-story residential building features 75 apartments with the first two floors being devoted for commercial use. The building will include a children’s room, super market, sports gymnasium and a beauty salon. The eco conscious building has a roof covered with conventional photovoltaic panels, while the large windows are covered with transparent solar cells to increase the amount of renewable energy being generated.

Moreover, the large windows also let in plenty of sunshine and light to the interior space and hence minimize the amount of energy that is being consumed by the people living in the apartments.

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