Architects build eco friendly homes for low income families in Vietnam

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Award winning architects, Vo Trong Nghia Architects state that the cost of housing in Vietnam has increased about ten fold in the last decade making life difficult for those with less income in the country. To answer the growing need of housing, the architecture firm has come up with an eco friendly solution, in the form of green houses that are small and still manage to provide all basic amenities.

The low cost dwellings have been realized in Dong Nai Province in Vietnam and the architects have unveiled two versions of the homes – the first one measuring 22.5sqm to act as a model home and the other one at 18sqm is currently serving as a site office for a nearby kindergarten. To reduce the cost of the homes and their size, the architects have removed the kitchen and bathroom facilities from the main volume and have provided shared amenities for several families.

This strategy enabled the architecture firm to bring down the cost of building the home to as less as $3200, which the team hopes can be brought down even more if the owners of the houses participate in the construction process. To keep the construction process as simple as possible, the houses are made using a lightweight steel frame that can be assembled without making use of complex machines. The envelope comprises of a polycarbonate panel wall and corrugated FRP panel roof with bamboo louvers.

The bamboo louvers reduce the amount of solar heat entering the interior space, while still illuminating the interiors with natural light to reduce energy consumption. Moreover, provisions for natural ventilation have also been incorporated in the design to further reduce energy consumption.

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