FlipSide solar powered iPhone case comes with hidden game controls

FlipSide solar powered iPhone case

While there is no dearth of high-end games for both Android and iOS, playing most of these games, especially on Smartphones with smaller displays is a major problem. Designers have long thought on the possibility of making games a lot more playable on Smartphones with the use of cases, but most of them are either too clunky or regularly need a battery replacement. The FlipSide prototype iPhone case is different as it is comparatively slim and solar powered.

Made by the designers at iDevices, the proposed FlipSide case centers on Bluetooth 4.0 and according to Engadget the controls stay clipped to the back when you are not gaming, but can easily be brought to the front during playtime. The controls feature an onboard thin film battery from Infinite Power Solutions that is recharged by a highly sensitive solar cell that can power it up even with indoor lighting. The design team is presently crowdfunding through KickStarter to commercialize the product.

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