Magma solar charger aims to keep your gadgets charged at all times

magma solar charger by Duniah_1

With people getting more conscious about the ways they spend energy and realize the importance of renewable energy in the future, designers over the globe have been trying to better the designs and usability of solar chargers that can pull your portable electronic gadgets off-the-grid. There is no dearth of solar battery chargers available on the market, but most of them either take too long to recharge their onboard batteries or don’t have any onboard battery meaning you can only charge your gadget when it’s sunny and bright outside. Designers at Duniah want to change all of that with their innovative solar charger dubbed the Magma.

Magma, which is one of the most aesthetically pleasing solar charger we’ve ever come across, is made for hikers, campers, frequent travelers and everybody else who experiences those inevitable blackouts. Unlike other similar solar chargers available on the markets which are made using cheap plastic, Magma features a monocoque design individually machined from a solid, aerospace-grade aluminum block for structural rigidity. The portable device carries a highly efficient solar panel and a lithium battery that stores charge for use later.

The team believes that the Magma can recharge its onboard battery in just a few hours and much less than what other chargers take. Once the onboard battery is fully fueled, it can recharge your iPhone more than once or the USB outlet can relay power to other USB-compatible devices. The team at Duniah have started a KickStarter campaign to raise funding for future development and the first production run. If all goes well, you could expect the Magma at a retail store for $195 sometime next year.

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