Cygo concept electric car features built-in bicycle racks

cygo electric concept car_1

While most of us believe that bicycling should become a primary mode of transportation for people living in the urban parts of the world, there is no denying the fact that most of the people coming everyday to the city centers for work come from places located 10-50km away. For them, it becomes essential to make use of faster mode of transport. For such people and for those who love to take their bikes whenever they want, auto designer Daniel Rauch has come up with the Cygo.

The Cygo is an electric concept car that makes you to reach the city center on time and thereafter it allows you to ride your bike to the office without getting stuck in a traffic jam. The compact car features one-of-its-kind trunk mounted bike racks, where the two occupants of the car can mount their bicycles. The all-electric vehicle makes use of wheel-hub electric motors that run on electric batteries. The aerodynamic car is designed for two and lets them both travel without polluting the environment.

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