Battery equipped portable solar charger is perfect for camping enthusiasts

Check any online electronics store and you will surely get a wide variety of solar chargers promising to charge everything to a cellphone to a laptop. Portable solar chargers have seen a lot of development from solar chargers that didn’t have any onboard battery or chargers that took a lot of hours, sometimes even days, to recharge their onboard batteries. Innovating once more for the sake of the environment, Powertraveller has come up with another solar charger – the Solarmonkey Adventurer.

The portable solar charger’s USP is its onboard heavy duty battery and its rugged construction making it ideal for inhospitable locations around the world. The charger features 2500mAh internal lithium-polymer battery that can charge a cellphone two to three times over. Charging the battery takes about 12 hours, which is still too much for our liking.

The best part is that the charger can simultaneously send solar generated electricity to the onboard battery and an external 5V USB device, which can be anything from your cellphone to your navigation device. Power is generated by two efficient polysilicon solar panels and is dispersed via a variety of adapters for some of the most popular gadgets.

The solar panels are packed in a removable, water and shock-proof clam shell. The case has several pockets for you to store your gadgets or the adapters. Moreover, with the inclusion of a velcro strap, you can attach the gadget to your backpack to make it harness renewable solar energy while you continue your journey.

Via: Treehugger

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