Bwired concept charging station can refuel EVs in just 20 minutes

Bwired electric car charging station concept_1

Electric vehicles are definitely the way forward, especially considering the steep and constant rise in the prices of fossil fuels. However, electric cars haven’t still been adopted globally due to their low operating range, high charging times and the unavailability of fast charging electric car infrastructure. Industrial designer Anna Bordas Eddy wants to put an end to some of the problems commonly associated with EVs with the help of the Bwired – an electric car charging station.

Bwired electric car charging station concept_2

The three-phase charging system is designed to be compatible with most electric cars and can theoretically recharge an electric car in just 20 minutes. The design is based on the use of a website where users can register and get a client card. On arriving at any Bwired station, the users can swipe their card and connect their car to the charging dock. The charging station has a built-in chair that can be opened up for the driver to relax while the car is being charged. Users also can check the time remaining to complete the vehicle charging while resting.

Bwired electric car charging station concept_3

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