Hydrorail hydroponic gardening system lets you grow food on your rooftop

Hydrorail concept hydroponic gardening system_1

The rapid industrialization and the recent advancements in technology of which everybody seems to be proud of came at the cost of declining land sources which would otherwise have been used for farming and growing food to feed the population. Designer Jesse Charles from the Purdue University wants to change this with an innovative hydroponic gardening system dubbed the Hydrorail.

Answering the problem of finding land for the creation of a community garden, the Hydrorail is an extruded aluminum gardening system that can be placed at any location, such as a rooftop. The “flood” type hydroponic system makes use of a nutrient rich solution that is continuously pumped into a chamber containing sand. Plants are placed in the sand where their root structure is supported and nourished by the solution.

When the fluid level in the sand chamber reaches the top, excess fluid runs off through two drain passages containing filter media to prevent accumulation of sand particles. The nutrient chamber has the ability to be heated via a heating element providing off season growing capability. The cost effective method produces fresh vegetables in areas where land for traditional gardens is not available.

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