Motorcycle Trike sculpture is made using discarded electronics

recycled three wheeled motorcycle sculpture_1

With gadget manufacturers bringing up new and improved gadgets to satiate the thirst of geeks, old and sometimes perfectly working electronic gadgets are dumped in the trash bin to make room for the new ones. While some of these discarded gadgets are resold, most of them are simply thrown and enter the landfills.

As we often say that trash for some could be treasure for the creative minds, eco conscious designers like Ken Swallow prove us correct by coming up with innovative sculptures that are made using recycled electronic components. Ken has made this stunning sculpture, which would definitely look great on a geek’s workstation, is a motorcycle three wheeler that is entirely made using recycled materials.

The 10-inch high and 5-inch long sculpture includes discarded products such as parts from vintage electronics, modern electronic parts, VHS parts and cabinet handles. The one-of-its-kind sculpture, which is available for purchase for $264 at Etsy, can also keep reminding the owner about the importance of environment conservation and recycling.

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