This planter tilts to let you know if the plant inside is thirsty

plant speaker concept indoor planter_1

For a busy urban resident indoor planting might start as a way to show that you love plants, but mostly the exercise becomes a disaster as you often forget to water the plants and realize this only when the plant is on the verge of an imminent death. While there are a few self-watering planters either in concept stage or already available on the market, the Plant Speaker is for those who would rather water their plants manually if only they know when the plants are thirsty.

plant speaker concept indoor planter_2

The concept planter designer by Elisabet Esteva is based on the fact that plants communicate with us when they are in need of water. However, mostly the communication is too subtle for us to notice, until it’s too late. The Plant Speaker concept enhances that communication by tilting on one side. A freshly watered plant is heavier than the one standing in dry soil and the Plant Speaker’s curved bottom starts to lean as the soil dries out and the center of gravity changes. Once watered, the planter rests in upright position.

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