Sun Flower combines origami and solar cells for sustainable illumination

sunflower solar powered LED light_1

While living in the developed parts of the world comes with its own benefits, like round-the-clock power, clean water and proper living spaces, conditions in the developing world are sometimes just the opposite. To help better living conditions in such areas, especially after dark when there is no electricity to illuminate homes, designers Tong Ying, Zhang Jin and Zhou Jin have come up with the Sun Flower.

sunflower solar powered LED light_2

The compact solar powered light combines the traditional art of paper folding with LED lights to bring sustainable illumination to millions without access to the power grid. Shaped like a smartphone, the product unfolds to reveal a paper flower. The plastic shell contains a solar panel and vacuum suction cup that lets you attach the device to any smooth surface receiving ample sunlight.

sunflower solar powered LED light_3

The designers believe that solar charge accumulated during the day time, when the device is adhered to any window, will generate and store enough charge in the onboard battery to power the low-energy LED light after dark. The Sun Flower concept LED light not only brings illumination but also a little warmth and cheer to study environments.

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