ECOmove unveils third prototype of Qbeak electric city vehicle

Qbeak 3 electric city car by ecomove_1

Denmark-based ECOmove has unveiled the third, and probably the last prototype, of its much anticipated electric city car, the Qbeak. The Qbeak III, according to the company is “very close” to the version the company plans to produce. The new prototype EV makes use of lightweight technologies, which in addition to reducing the weight of car, also betters its range and makes it a more viable option for city commutes.

The company started its EV program in 2009 and this is the third prototype of the car, which is expected to be quite close to the production version. The car now has charging structure and instrumentation and the onboard technologies are so far advanced that the company believes they are mature enough for production.

The company also conducted the first official test run of the Qbeak III for specially invited guests. While the company originally aimed to launch the vehicle this year some challenges appeared on the way, delaying the original time schedule.

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