Eco friendly home in Portugal has a diverse living wall

green walled home in Portugal_1

With technologies like biological concrete being developed by researchers all over the globe, we can fancy a future with more and more houses in an urbanity featuring green walls. While a green wall comes with a lot of benefits, the aesthetic appeal of the living façade definitely depends on how creative the homeowners or the architects are. Speaking about creativity, not many living wall structures beat this stunning home in Lisbon Portugal, which features different plants for different levels.

Designed by architects Luis Rebelo de Andrade, Tiago Rebelo de Andrade and Manuel Cachão Tojal, the house features 25 different plant species spread all over its façade. Not only do the plants serve as an example of biodiversity, they also provide different aromas in different rooms. Dornob states that the exterior walls around the bedrooms are surrounded with fragrant lavender, the living room comes with the sensuous scent of rosemary and the rooftop swimming pool features the relaxing aroma of saffron.

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