Designer envisions aerial gondolas as the next big thing in public transport

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While countries like China are busy building high-speed rail lines to improve the conditions of public transport in the developed parts of the world, designer Michael McDaniel of Frog Design has come up with a striking new proposal that should be environmentally friendly and inexpensive when compared with other forms of public transport commonly found in and around major cities.

Michael believes that a system of aerial gondolas, something which is usually taken as a tourist attraction in a city, could become a highly efficient and inexpensive public transportation system, especially in cities with a lot of high rise buildings. Thought out initially for Austin, the designer proposes a network of detachable gondolas that connect different neighborhoods, allowing residents to literally jump over congested areas.

Pop Up City states that the since roads in many cities are build to old-fashioned standards, building a gondola system would prove to be affordable than building new roads the modern way. Light rails cost about $35 per mile to build, while elevated rail drives up the cost to $132 per mile. Subway, which is the preferred means of travel in any urban city, comes at a price of a whopping $400 per mile. Michael is confident that the urban gondola network would cost just $3 per mile to build and will offer a transportation experience like no other.

The design team behind the radical idea has calculated that the system could move as many as 10,000 passengers per hour, which equals to 2000 car trips or 100 bus trips. Moreover, since the cable cars can run over almost any terrain, it would be quite easy to extend the network according to the growing transportation needs.

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