An OLED lamp could eventually illuminate your desk next year

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OLEDs or organic light emitting diodes have long been touted to be the future of lighting with some of the biggest corporate realizing the potential of the product on the market. While for years, Philips has been working on its Lumiblade OLED technology, it has only been able to create some pretty fascinating ambient light installations with it, since factors like high cost and low lumen count keeping things away from a commercial store.

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Things are expected to change soon as the company has announced that its first OLED desk lamp, dubbed Moorea, could eventually be available on the market next year. The lamp is designed by a Berlin-based industrial designer named Daniel Lorch, who came up a simple, but pretty useful design to that integrates two OLED panels on a minimalistic frame of spring steel.

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Based on the use of Philips’ GL350 OLED module, the spring steel construction allows the user to bend the lamp at any angle, to enable it to be used as a desk lamp or illuminate a small room. Fast CoDesign reports that the shape has been inspired by Brass and Green glass lamps often seen on a lawyer’s desk. The company is confident that the product should hit the shelves something in 2013, but hasn’t revealed anything about its cost.

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Video Courtesy: Dezeen

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