Restored Development: Eco friendly residential community for Clemson University

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A recent survey conducted at Clemson University showed that one of the top reasons for both professors and students to choose Clemson is the lush green campus of the university, which has been built in accordance with the university’s president’s statement – “campus as a garden”. With lush green gardens only stopping at the start of a building, the eco friendly campus is the university’s pride.  With the university planning to build a new residential community on the Douthit Hills area of the campus, architect Jared Moore of JM Design is proposing an eco friendly design that will create – “building as a landscape”.

The proposed community will have space for a 2000-bed dormitory, student amenities center and 55,000sqf space for retail. With a mission to offer the students better living choices on the campus with minimum carbon footprint, the new community will offer the best of off-campus housing options, while setting a new standard for sustainable living. The proposal is focused on not only protecting the initial idea of “campus as a garden”, but further improving on the same.

The 60-acre site, which was once a sprawling collection of low-rise apartments with parking facilities and a network of roads, will be redeveloped and restored to its original form, while still making the dream possible. The architect plans to redevelop only 10 percent of the site and restore the remaining 90 percent to its former natural state. The sprawl will be replaced with walking paths and natural parks.

Moreover, the idea is to not let the garden areas stop when reaching a lifeless building. Rather, the architect is planning to make the buildings become a garden themselves with living roofs and cultivated facades to efficiently integrate the landscape into the built structure.

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