Zuumcraft’s Zuumer aims to reduce the use of cars for short distance travel

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According to a survey conducted by the US Department of Transportation about 50 percent of all trips made in the United States are three miles or even less in length. However, 72 percent of these trips are made in cars, which results in wastage of precious fuel and above all an increase in the carbon emissions. While most of these trips can easily be made using bicycles, people who need a faster mode of transportation want vehicles on the lines of the Zuumer.

The Zuumer is a personal transportation solution that allows people to manage their transportation needs and leave their cars at home when going out for a short distance trip. The eco friendly vehicle is powered by electric batteries and incorporates a variety of patented technologies that make it a fun and safe way to travel.

The three-wheeled portable electric vehicle uses innovative and patented steering technology to provide leaning action similar to motorcycles, but in a more controlled and safe way. Unlike other similar vehicles on the market, both the front and the rear wheels of the vehicle participate in steering making riding the vehicle very natural, easy and intuitive. The Zuumer offers a range of about 20mph with spare batteries available and allows you to travel at a top speed of 20mph.

The electric vehicle relies on two lithium-ion batteries for energy, which power a 1000W brushless electric hub motor. Charging the Zuumer is as easy too with the onboard batteries taking just 4 hours to charge from empty to full. After producing a lot of prototypes, the company is now crowd funding on KickStarter to raise funds for mass production, the success of which means that the Zuumer could be on the markets by the second half of next year for a planned price of $3200.

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