The Seed Blanket addresses the need for green spaces in an urban landscape

seed blanket portable biodegradable lawn_1

The sky-rise buildings and mini-city skyscrapers that the urban world is so proud of came at the cost of green spaces, which are uncommon in an urban landscape and non-existing in private areas. While we all love to spend some time relaxing on the greens, the infrastructure in the urban world is such that we have to get out of our busy city lives just to find some solitude. The Seed Blanket has come up as an answer to all these problems, in a form that can impress one and all.

The Seed Blanket is a portable lawn that does not require any infrastructure or installation and doesn’t contain any soil therefore it doesn’t produce any dirt when watered. The flexible lawn is actually built like a blanket and can hence be installed in any form. Made as an oxygen exuding skin for any surface, the lawn is made using just three environmentally friendly materials, which includes hemp for the casing, coconut fiber sheets that act as a substrate and grass seeds which grow through the fabric when watered.

The 100 percent biodegradable lawn can grace any surface and can be moved to any location whether outside or to grace your living room. Once it reaches the end of its life, the entire blanket can decompose and be used as a fertilizer for other plants.

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