Energy Belt converts unwanted body fat into usable energy

Energy Belt produces electricity from fat

Obesity, which has lately become a symbol of people living in the developed parts of the world, who make use of the revolutionary pieces of technology to help in all ways possible, needs urgent attention. While there are few who visit gymnasiums to reduce body fat by working for hours at a stretch, others still believe that technology has all its needed to burn up excess fat.

For people in the second bracket, Dutch designer Emmy van Roosmalen has come up with a conceptual eco friendly product, dubbed the Energy Belt, which not only helps you get rid of those extra pounds of fat, but uses all that fatty energy to produce electricity. The energy produced by the belt could be used to power everything from cell phones to pacemakers.

Energy Belt produces electricity from fat_1

Inhabitat reports that the Energy Belt was on display as part of a traveling exhibition on future design called The Nano Supermarket by Next Nature and uses artificial protocells to take energy from brown fat and convert it into ATP. This chemical energy could then be used to produce on-demand electricity for a variety of uses.

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