Recycled oil drum survival kit can sustain 30 people for two days

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After last year’s devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the recent devastation caused by hurricane Sandy, industrial designers have focused their attention on designing eco friendly disaster relief systems that can provide aid to the people struck by natural disasters. Taking inspiration from these recent natural designers designer Hikaru Imamura has come up with the Heat Rescue Disaster Recovery set – a survival kit made using an old oil drum.

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Apart from including packages of freeze-dried rice, bottled water, utensils, towels, work gloves and about 200 portions of pre-cooked food, the survival kit also includes a manual that lets the user transform the oil drum into a wood burning stove that can be used to provide heat in the area and also to heat up the food items. The kit includes enough products to sustain about 30 people for two days.

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The designer states that the drums can be kept at municipal storage facilities, company offices and other such places and when a disaster happens, they can efficiently be transported to the areas affective. Since the kits makes use of standard oil drums, they are easy to carry and can be transformed into a wood-burning stove with ease. Once their need is over, the drums can also be reused multiple times. Fast Co.Design states that the contents of the kits can also be tailored to different cultures and locations, making them effective to be used in all parts of the world.

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