VA Concept is a zero energy sound amplifier for iPhone

VA Concept zero energy iphone dock_1

There is no dearth of individuals who probably spend hundreds of dollars in buying energy hungry amplifiers for the iPhone. Not only do these docks consume a considerable amount of energy, they’re often made using plastic and other not-so-green materials that end up in the landfill after they’re broken or simply when a better claiming gadget appears on the market. The VA Concept by industrial designer Babusi Nyoni addresses these issues with an innovative dock that is made using recycled materials.

The VA Concept is designed to be manufactured in three variants according to the type of recycled materials it uses. The concept dock can be made using recycled newspaper wood, recycled plastic and polished recycled steel. The zero energy dock uses natural acoustics to amplify sound when the user places the iPhone in the cavity provided with the speakers facing downwards.

To add to that the dock also comes with a layer of LED lights that run on solar energy collected by the onboard solar cells. The LED lights give the dock an aesthetically pleasing look, while also serving as an ambient light during a party.

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