NexiBike lightweight commuter bicycle folds in just 30 seconds

NexiBike folding commuter bicycle_1

The major problem with bicycling is the fact that most of the bicycles available on the market today cannot be carried along in a bus or the subway, reducing their use as a primary mode of transportation. Solving the problems, NexGen Bicycles has come up with a prototype lightweight commuter bicycle that folds in under half a minute into a much more manageable form that can be carried on public transportation.

Along with making NexiBike easier to carry around, the folding mechanism also makes it much easier to store behind a door or under a bed. Weighing less than 25 pounds, the NexiBike folds into an in-line portfolio shape. To even better the credentials, the designers have incorporated Sturmey-Archer two-speed kich-shift transmission with coaster brake system.

The frame of the bicycle is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum allow and the NexiBike has been adorned with flat-free airless tires. Still in prototype stage, the NexGen Bicycles is currently crowd funding on KickStarter to bring the bicycle on the market.

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