Recycled champagne cork chandelier is a green way to light up a party

Celebration Chandelier made using recycled champagne corks_1

With holiday season in full swing, there might have been tens of champagne corks lying around your house and may hundreds gathering dust around champagne bars around the world. While for most of us corks account as party waste and just remind us of the great time we had last night, eco conscious designers take it as a raw material for some innovative products that can grace every place including your living room for years to come.

One such creative designer is Alkesh Parmar who has come up with an innovative chandelier that is made using recycled champagne corks. Parmar states that the chandeliers were created after he noticed the vast amount of corks being thrown away daily from champagne bars. Each cork in the chandelier is hand crafted into individual lamps, each with its own light bulb, to create a neutral and honest chandelier.

Celebration Chandelier made using recycled champagne corks_2

Dubbed as the Celebration Chandelier, the eco friendly lighting fixtures are custom made to suit different interiors such as living rooms, restaurants and bars. Each design has its own unique form to grace the décor it will become a part of.

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