Cardboard Neon Genesis Evangelion robot replica transforms too

Cardboard Neon Genesis Evangelion_1

While for most of us recycling old cardboard that came as a packaging material to our homes means converting it into a box that can hold other items we don’t use, there are a few who believe that cardboard is much more than a packaging material and use to produce functional cardboard products. We’ve seen everything from a cardboard bicycle to an entire office made using cardboard in the past and today we have something on a smaller scale but much more creative.

Cardboard Neon Genesis Evangelion_2

What we have here is a Neon Genesis Evangelion themed cardboard figure that actually transforms into a vehicle. Neatorama states that the figure does look a little rough around the edges, but it can transform from a robot to a vehicle and back again. Though we don’t see it transforming for a long time as even a simple mistake can destroy it, the pictures of it transforming into another form would stay fresh for a long time.

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