Windy Water concept collects morning dew to water plants

Windy water morning dew collector concept_2

Even after nearly two-third of the surface of our planet is covered in water, there isn’t much freshwater that can be used for drinking and cooking purposes. Freshwater has become a burning issue all over the world, with billions still lacking access to a source of potable water. In such times, it becomes essential for people living in the urban parts of the world to conserve every drop of freshwater that they can.

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Tap water, which we so recklessly waste in gardening and washing our cars, is treated water and treating it consumes a lot of energy. Windy Water concept has been designed to address the issue, by collecting water from a natural source around us and then storing it in a reservoir for water plants. The concept product, which makes use of an array of glass sheets, can be placed outdoors where it collects morning dew. Water droplets settle on the surface of the product from where it is channeled to a small reservoir underneath. When enough water is collected, it could be used to water plants.

Windy water morning dew collector concept_3

The designer believes that apart from conserving water, the Windy Water concept produces water that is actually better than tap water for plants. Tap water is usually treated with certain chemicals to purify it. It might include traces of limestone, chlorine or any other chemical product. However, dew water is entirely devoid of any such chemicals and makes sure your plants don’t get a daily dose of chemical it cannot process.

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