Hub 01: A ‘plug-in’ mobile housing terminal for students

hub 01 mobile student housing terminal_1

Designed by dmvA and Office A3, the Hub 01 is a mobile housing terminal, giving students an opportunity to live in a mobile environment with minimum carbon footprint. Presented during the international Biennial “Interieur”, the concept takes into account tree principles – mobility, personalized student rooms and educational design. The idea is to provide an opportunity to students to take their residences along with them to different places and “plug-in” the house to a central terminal.

Taking up the form of an iPhone, the mobile house comes with a central kitchen, a living room and a bathroom. The individual rooms can be attached to the terminal using a user-friendly connecting system. The rooms have been designed in different variants, where the first one, dubbed “back to basics” is covered in plants to give the house a natural green feel, while another one is based on passive living and comes with solar panels and a wind turbine installed on the roof. Arch Daily states that the minimalist units also include bedding, toilets and workspaces for those students who like to work without being distracted by others.

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