90-year-old mansion built entirely from junk still stands strong

nit wit ridge trash mansion_1

Whenever we plan to build our new home we start searching for the materials that will first strengthen the new dwelling and then the products and amenities that will make up for the home décor. There is nothing wrong with this approach as, after all, we will have to live in the newly constructed house ourselves. However the builder of a 90-year-old mansion on the outskirts of Cambria, California, didn’t think likewise and opted to build a mansion not from materials conventionally used for building, but actually made it from trash.

Built by Arthur Harold Beal, who was a local trash hauler and obviously loved all things rubbish, the mansion uses trash of all types and took 50 years to complete. The project started in 1928 with Beal using a shovel and a pickaxe. He dug a 2.5 acre hollow on the hillside in Cambria and filled it with trash. Over the course of the next few years he made terraced gardens, stone arches, buildings, fountains and walkways.

The structure stands three-stories tall and is made using shells, used rocks, beer cans, car parts, old stoves, washer drums and tiles. Oddity Central writes that the builder dies in 1992 and his ashes were spread around the site. The house now belongs to Michael and Stacy O’Malley, who just like the builder, are equally enthusiastic about the place and conduct tours of the house and gardens by appointment.

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