Edible Espresso Cup could help reduce plastic waste

Edible espresso cup cookie cup_1

With the use of single-use plastic containers such as plastic water bottles and coffee cups on a rise, environmentalists are worried about the possible environmental outcome of the waste they produce. Plastic, as we all know, takes thousands of years to decompose, and during that time, and since recycling them isn’t always possible, these simple containers that are recklessly thrown into trash bins, continue to pollute the ecosystem for ages.

There have been several innovations in the past that aim to reduce the use of single-use plastic containers, such as the Alter Ego and Soma Carafe, there isn’t much going around when it comes to creating an environmentally friendly alternative of plastic coffee and tea cups. Recognizing the lack of such products, Sardi Innovation has come up with Cookie Cup – an edible espresso cup that is made using light pastry that is lined with sugar.

The sugar liner doesn’t only sweeten your drink as you consume it, but also makes it waterproof so that the outer lining of pastry remains dry and ready to eat. Once you’ve consumed the coffee, instead of throwing the cup in the trash bin, you can enjoy the delicious cookie and hence participate in the green movement. Moreover, as Yanko Design notes, the delicious treat also reduces water consumption as nothing has to be washed after serving the coffee.

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