Ford’s recycling initiative helped divert 120 million pounds of waste from landfills

ford recycling

While most automakers are greening their portfolio of cars with the inclusion of electric, hybrid and other fuel saving vehicles, Ford is trying something extra. The US-based car manufacturer started processing and reusing damaged vehicle components about 10 years ago and has now stated that the recycling initiative has helped the company divert about 120 million pounds of damaged vehicle parts from entering the landfills.

Recently the company has also included headlights and bumpers, two components that get damaged quite often, into the list of recyclable materials and in the last two years Ford has recycled and reused about 26,000 headlights and 62,000 bumpers. AutoBlog reports that the total weight recycled is equivalent to 30,000 cars and now about 85 percent of a typical Ford car is recyclable.

The company says that apart from adding to the profits of Ford, the recycling initiative also lets it have more control over the sales of aftermarket components.

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