AirBnB hotel in Germany is a beer lover’s paradise

beer barrel hotel in Germany_1

While there is no dearth of luxurious hotels in the world where you can spend hundreds of dollars, or even more, for just a night’s stay, this eco friendly AirBnB hotel in Germany is entirely different. It doesn’t offer the chance for you to live in an ambience surrounded by the greatness of modern technology, but still manages to attract a decent number of interested individuals, especially those who live to drink just beer. This beer-lover’s paradise invites guests to doze off in a gigantic 19th century beer barrel that has been converted to make room for two people.

The Potts Naturpark Brauerei in Germany has been supplying beer since the early 1800s and the owners managed to get an old wooden barrel that has been in use for over a century, give an altogether different and somewhat pleasing job to include two mattresses over a specially designed platform. The conversion process was quite simple as just a half circle was carved at the end cap and then two mattresses were placed on the platform built inside it.

Inhabitat notes that visitors can climb inside the beer barrel using few rungs of ladder. Guests can also take a stroll down the property to just get into the mood and can also use another similar barrel that has been converted into a barrel sauna to relax a bit.

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