Non-toxic 3D Prieto Battery carries more energy, recharges in minutes

Prieto Battery 3D sponge battery

The most common problem associated with fully electric vehicles is the large amount of time the onboard batteries take to recharge when plugged into a conventional wall socket. The reason for this slow battery charging process, according to Amy Prieto, the founder of Prieto Battery, is that the architecture of currently used lithium-ion batteries is the same as the battery technology being employed over two hundred years ago.

Mostly all batteries today follow a two-dimensional architecture, limiting the flow of ions and hence resulting in batteries that take a lot of time to charge, expend the energy stored quickly and above all make use of toxic and inflammable electrolytes. Prieto Battery counters all these issues with an innovative three-dimensional architecture that makes use of copper foam substrate promising higher power and energy densities than conventionally employed lithium battery technology.

Inhabitat says that the smart technology could eventually be put to use in batteries that contain two times more energy and charge in just minutes instead of hours. The entire manufacturing process of the Prieto Battery is non-toxic from start to finish and the only acid it uses is citric acid – a common food preservative. Amy is confident that though her research is still in its infancy, even though she’s been working on it for seven years, could be scaled up for an electric vehicle that can take you 300 miles and then recharge in less than 10 minutes.

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