The nCycle is an e-bike for the digital age

nCycle electric bicycle_1

There is no dearth of automotive designers working to improve the design of the bicycle which hasn’t undergone many changes since the time they first came into existence. However, to make them ready for the modern world designers have included folding mechanisms and electric assist to bicycles, making them bulkier and unattractive. Designers Skyrill and Martin Myftiu wanted something unique and trendy that could fit the digital age and hence came up with the nCycle.

The concept bicycle does away with the conventional tubular frame commonly associated with bicycles and features a new lightweight, hollow shell that neatly hides the electric drive systems including all the wiring and the electric battery. An optional electric drive version will also be made available which includes a rear hub mounted electric motor powered by batteries hidden inside the body.

The folding bicycle, which according to the designers takes just two seconds to fold, features an integrated pocket allowing the rider to carry some cargo without changing the otherwise aesthetically pleasing look of the bike. An integrated locking system has also been included whereby the handle bar can be attached to most poles and steel bars available in the city.

To make it fit into the digital age, the electric assist nCycle also comes with manually-controlled headlights and Bluetooth speakers that are built into the handlebar. Core 77 notes that an optional app-controlled holographic display will also be included that replaces the bracket for the smartphone. The holographic display provides information on the handle bar and can make the ride safe for the rider.

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