Danish architects propose building a series of artificial islands in Copenhagen harbor

Blue Plan artificial Islands in Copenhagen_1

Copenhagen is a city that has been associated with climate change and related talks for quite some time now and architects planning to build in the area have to keep that in mind and come up with environmentally friendly proposals that can grace the city green. Danish architects Tredje Natur and PK3 have come up with an eco-conscious proposal to develop a network of artificial islands that will transform Copenhagen’s harbor into a recreational area, complete with wildlife and water sports.

The architecture firms were commissioned by the city’s planning department and taking inspiration from the city’s history of artificial island, created the masterplan that could soon become an exciting tourist spot. The masterplan, dubbed Blue Plan, sees the development of five zones around the harbor and is conceived as a recreation area for both the local residents and the tourists, while also providing space for an educational facility.

Making good use of the clean water in the harbor bath, which allows visitors to both bathe and fish, the masterplan’s first of the five zones to be created will be the House of Water, an area comprising of curving concrete islands that are accessed by a wooden jetty. The second zone will be the Fugleoen or Bird Island, and as the name suggests, the area, will provide a green, plant-covered habitat for birds and other small animals. This island will become a bird lover’s paradise where school classes will also be held to teach biology, history and geography.

The third island will be the Kroyer’s Puddle – a harbor bath with heated inlet pools and sauna caves. Along the same lines, the fourth island or zone will be the Operaparken, a temporary park where music will be projected for all to relax and enjoy the ambience of all areas. The last and final zone to be developed will be the Sportsoen – a water sports island that will be the center of the development. The island will provide facilities for scuba diving, swimming and kayaking. Dezeen states that floating pathways and bridges will connect the new islands, making it accessible from all locations.

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