San Francisco couple converts old school bus into a modern solar-powered home

School bus transformed into a solar powered home_1

While most old school buses go to the junkyard at the end of their lives, an eco conscious San Francisco couple, Richard and Rachel, thought of building their dream home inside one, a home that is solar powered and gives them the ability to move to any place they want. After buying an old bus for just $3000, the couple went on to the drawing board and created plans to begin designing their new home with the minimum amount of expenditure and energy consumption.

Till date, the couple has already spent about $12,000 in the conversion process and plan to keep the process going as and when money comes. The couple, who now lives rent-free, pays just $100 each month for maintenance of their completely off-the-grid dwelling that is powered by the sun. The converted home runs on a roof-mounted array of six solar panels, has a compost toilet, solar powered refrigerator and a propane-powered heater, stove and oven.

Instead of buying a fully equipped RV, which could have cost the same too, the couple wanted to start with a blank canvas so that their home doesn’t look “filmsier”. The home now has hand-built furniture according to the specs of the bus and most of the furniture units inside are designed to do more than a single job. The house built inside a 39-foot bus, has enough room for 10 people, with most of them sleeping on make-shift beds that come up when other furniture units are folded and mattresses are placed on them.

Daily Mail reports that the bus also flaunts a fully-equipped movie room, which was made by welding a van’s shell on the roof of the bus. The couple replaced their emergency toilet with a composting toilet and plumbing is next on their list. Currently, they wash dishes using vinegar and shower in other locations every two to three days.

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