Mon Pot concept uses a single tank of water for multiple planters

monpot planter_1

With cities continuing to grow into concrete jungles, green spaces are soon being converted into buildings to house the surge of population. As a result of this, industrial designers are trying hard to come up with innovative planters that can bring some green plants into your own house. There is no dearth of planters that are available on the markets today, but with multiple planters, the time needed to water plants increases and hence results in many plants dying from thirst.

The Mon Pot concept by Gradosei can help homeowners plant several plants without worrying about watering each one of them frequently. The designer states that the Mon Pot is a refined, dynamic and a funny product that consists of one tank and several removable pots at different heights.

The unique design allows all plants to absorb the required water from the main water tank in an independent and simultaneous way. A garish float is installed on the water tank, which disappears when empty and hence alerts the user to fill it with fresh water.

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