Top Gear Engine Coffee Table is a must buy for auto nerds

Top gear engine coffee table_1

Auto nerds deserve products and furniture that keeps them busy thinking about engines, speed and cars they love. Here is a chance for such auto nerds to bring a real Mazda 2.5 V6 engine right into their living room, in a form that will please one and all. Created by Andrejs Isajevs, the Top Gear Engine Coffee Table features an oval glass top that rests neatly on four pistons of the original engine.

All parts have been cleaned with quartz sand to make sure that even traces of oil and smell are removed. Painting all parts gave the table a high quality finish. The glass top rests on four pistons and it remains attached to its position with the help of metal-glass transparent glue. To even better the aesthetics, a pink LED strip has been installed in each cylinder bore that gets powered by a 12V power supply. Ideal for offices, study or even games room, this one of its kind table costs $1100 at Etsy.

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