Aeroscraft makes first move, heralds a revolution in fuel efficient aviation

aeroscraft airship by Aeros_1

Aeros Corporation has been working on Aeroscraft, a fuel-efficient airship designed for vertical take-off and landing, while hauling large amounts of cargo across large distances. The proof-of-concept aircraft is 79-meters long which will pave the way for a full-scale aircraft that will be two times as long and will be able to carry up to 66 tons of cargo.

aeroscraft airship by Aeros_2

The company states that the airship will carry three times the weight as the biggest cargo airplanes in operation today, across thousands of miles, while consuming just a third of the fuel. Moreover, since the aircraft doesn’t need a landing strip it can transfer cargo to any location having just enough room for it to land vertically. The finished version of the craft, which is expected to be ready in the next three years, will have a top speed of 120 knots, the ability to cruise at an altitude of 18,000 with a range of 3000 nautical miles.

aeroscraft airship by Aeros_3

With a payload capacity of 66 tons, the craft will be able to carry heavy equipment for variety of purposes, including military. Gizmag states that the Aeroscraft will be able to revolutionize global cargo transport for commercial and military sectors by burning less fuel and emitting far less CO2 than existing methods.

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