eClipse portable solar charger can power all your gadgets simultaneously

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The markets today are flooded with solar powered battery chargers of all types and shapes that promise to charge everything from just an iPhone to a refrigerator. However, most of these devices can only charge a single gadget at a time and recharging the onboard battery with solar energy can take hours, if not days. Making solar powered charging a lot more viable, especially after natural disasters, Juan Moncada has come up with the eClipse – a versatile solar powered charger that can charge multiple gadgets at once, not only during the day but even after dark.

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The portable solar charging solution is based on the use of high-efficiency crystalline solar panels, which though expensive are highly efficient in converting photons to electrons for recharging the onboard battery. The creator believes that the solar panels can recharge the eClipse’s onboard battery to 75 percent in just three hours and to 100 percent capacity in just five hours.

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If funded, the eClipse would be available in three configurations – eClipse1U, eClipse2U and eClipse4U, with the numbers signifying the number of USB ports onboard. While the basic version eClipse1U doesn’t include an onboard battery and comes with just one USB port, it can only be used in direct sunlight to recharge a single USB powered device. On the other hand, the other two variants, will include more USB ports, two and four respectively, and come with a 6600mAh battery for the 2U and a robust 13,600mAh battery for the 4U, which allows you to recharge multiple devices at once at any time of the day. Curently, the eClipse range of solar powered battery chargers is on KickStarter, where you can preorder one and support the creator for mass production.

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