CES 2013: Eton unveils new range of rugged solar-powered Bluetooth speakers

Rugged Rukus_1

Eton Corporation has been working hard to bring solar powered capabilities to Bluetooth sound systems commonly used with smartphones such as the iPhone. At this year’s CES the company has unveiled two new portable sound systems with solar charging capabilities, giving users the ability to play music sustainably at any place and any time.

The first to hit the markets in the first quarter of this year will be the Rugged Rukus, a successor to the already popular Rukus Bluetooth sound system that was unveiled at CES 2012. Since the new iteration bears the name Rugged, it comes with an IPX4-certified, splash-proof design and comes with the ability to play music while also charging the handheld music player with solar energy harvested by the device’s 20-square-inch solar energy generating system. The company states that five hours of charging in direct sunlight will allow the user to continuously play music and charge the device day or night. It also comes with carabineer-ready loops, making it perfect for an adventurous trip.

The second device, which will hit the shelves in the second quarter of the year, will be the “super loud” Rukus XL Bluetooth sound system. The portable wireless sound system comes with eight full-range speaker drivers to produce stereo-quality sound with one-touch device pairing. Producing 22W of sound, the Rukus XL features two tweeters, two woofers, and four passive radiators with a bass-boost button for those who love to hear the beats. Powered by a massive 72-square-inch monocrystal solar panel, the device, just like the new Rugged Rukus, will be able to power the connected device with solar energy too.

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