CES 2013: Parrot’s Flower Power shows your plant’s needs on your iDevice

Parrot Flower Power CES 2013_1

When we didn’t have access to Smartphones and tablet computers, we still had time to water our plants and make sure that they get ample amount of sunlight to thrive. However, all the free time we have at our disposals now goes into playing Angry Birds or Temple Run on our smart handheld devices. While the advent of smart devices might be great for geeks, it’s turning out just the opposite for plants, who now get little attention from us. Parrot USA, the company most renowned for the AR Drone, is trying to merge both these issues with a smart monitor that wirelessly streams data from the plant to your iDevice, which might be having your eyeballs stuck onto its display.

Dubbed Parrot Flower Power, the Bluetooth sensor, which comes in the shape of a small tree branch, is to be placed inside the flower pot, where it continuously monitors sunlight, humidity, temperature and fertilizer levels. Once it finds something that can cause problems for your plants, it alerts you in real tim by streaming that data onto the iDevice.

Parrot Flower Power CES 2013_2

Gizmodo reports that the project is currently just a “project” but is expected to be released sometime later this year. There is currently no information about the battery life of the sensor or how long will it continue to monitor the plant before it needs some kind of monitoring too.

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