Firanse R3 is a 3D printed ecological car for the future world

Firanse R3 3D printed electric concept car_1

3D printing has been around for decades, but it has only recently that researchers have been able to make comparatively inexpensive and portable printers that can print a range of products. Auto designer Luis Cordoba believes that by the year 2040 3D printing might have evolved to commercial standards and it would be possible to print everything from every kind of material in any size desirable. Apart from easing the manufacturing lines, the technology would also rewrite recycling processes.

For such times, the designer has envisioned a completed 3D printed electric car dubbed the Firanse R3. The car would be manufactured using 3D printers, ensuring that the parts are cheaper and more efficient. Since at that time complex and small parts would also be printed, if something is broken, it could be reduced to its original form and reprinted again.

The Firanse R3 will consist of two different printed parts – the first one would be the cab that holds the seats, batteries and controls, the second part would include modular wheels with built-in electric motors and brakes, along with suspension and direction system.

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