AC Motorboat concept sails silently on electric engines

AC MotorBoat_01

There is no dearth of individuals who want to spend a peaceful weekend on the waves, while admiring the marine ecosystem and sea itself. However, most of such peaceful vacations aren’t that great for the environment as boats and yachts normally consume a lot of fuel and emit large quantities of CO2 which puts the delicate marine environment at risk.

Designer Alex Casabo has tried to solve the woes with a concept AC Motorboat, which he refers to as a vehicle of entertainment for both racing enthusiasts and eco conscious families. The luxury boat comes with a large terrace and has several rooms in a sleek and modern design. Powered entirely by electric motors, the concept boat can reach high speeds while maintaining comfort due to its noise-free electric motors.

The boat comes with large windows, which now only allow natural light to flood the interiors, but also keeps the visitors visually connected with the sea and the natural surroundings. The boat, according to the designer, has a capacity of 30 people on the terrace and offers accommodation for 10 people inside.

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