MOSS prefab office space lets employees work from home

MOSS prefabricated solar powered office space_1

The rise in the number of cars on the roads, coupled with the high cost of fossil fuels, means that employees either don’t reach office on time, or even if they do, they do spend a lot of fuel in the process. American designer Victor Vetterlein believes that there is no reason why companies can’t allow employees to work from their homes, especially if they work in a special prefab office space, designed to be set up in their garden.

To prove his point Victor has come up with the MOSS, short for Micro Office Systems Space, which is a prefabricated office space that is powered entirely by renewable energy. The sustainable space could be purchased or leased by companies and then set up at the premises of their employees, allowing them to avoid the daily commute and also help in reducing their carbon footprint.

The MOSS provides each employee with a direct visual, audio and data link to the main office of the company and also a peaceful and professional environment right in their homes. The four-meter long office space has an octagonal aluminum exterior that prevents it from the elements. The office space is portable enough to be transported on a flatbed truck and can simply be bolted into place onto concrete foundation pads on site.

Dezeen reports that the unit comes with solar panels on the roof and can also be equipped with a wind turbine to keep all office work off-the-grid. The MOSS is heated with an energy-efficient under-floor heating system and a wood burning stove. To keep the costs down the basic unit doesn’t come with a toilet and a kitchen, but the designer believes that adding just one more meter of space would allow the inclusion of a portable toilet, a small kitchen and even a waste water tank.

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