Teenage girls in Yemen develop solar powered gadgets to beat power outages

solar powered gadgets Creative Generation_1

When the revolution started to sweep through Yemen, residents here were pretty confident that the conditions of the country will improve and they too would be gifted with basic utilities such as electricity. However, the hope soon ended and the residents found living in areas where electricity was only made available for just one hour each day, making studies nearly impossible after it was dark.

While the government here is finding it hard to come up with answers, a group of teenage girls, lead by 16-year-old Al-Rimi, have formed a company called Creative Generation to manufacture low-cost solar-powered devices to beat frequent power outages. Taking help from an entrepreneurship program offered through their school by non-profit organization INJAZ Yemen, the company now makes relatively affordable gadgets that are powered by the sun.

solar powered gadgets Creative Generation_2

The portfolio includes an umbrella fitted with solar power that includes batteries, a light bulb and a USB port. Green Prophet reports that this simple solar powered product is a fully functional study portal that can run for 12 hours on the stored energy. Along with this are other similar products including a solar-powered lantern and a solar powered fan that comes with a light and a USB port to recharge portable electronic devices.

Images Courtesy: Nafeesa Syeed

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