Man makes igloo using milk cartons to please her girlfriend’s mother

Rainbow Igloo_1

Winters in Canada can get pretty frigid and not many people would try to get out in the cold to make something as cold as an igloo. However, this was the task given to a New Zealander, Daniel Gray, by his girlfriend’s mother when the couple decided to spend their five week holidays in the girl’s family home in Edmonton, Canada.

To prove his love for Kathleen Starrie, Daniel accepted the challenge, which was initially put to keep Gray “pre-occupied” during the vacation. Daniel made use of hundreds of empty milk cartons and used water and some food coloring to make colorful ice blocks for the igloo. Once the ice blocks were ready, he used snowcrete, a mixture of snow and water, to bind the colored icy blocks together to form the igloo.

Though the process reads quite easy, it actually took the entire five weeks of the vacation, 500 ice blocks and about 150 hours of work to create the rainbow igloo. Though, Daniel couldn’t spend the time as he would have liked to, his girlfriend’s mother passed the project, obviously with “flying colors”. Check out more images here.

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