CES 2013: Ford and team’s MyEnergi Lifestyle to reduce electricity bills, carbon emissions

Ford Electric vehicle

While CES is mostly about the gadgets we will soon be using, Ford has announced the MyEnergi Lifestyle at CES this year, which is a program designed in collaboration with Eaton, SunPower, Whirlpool, Infineon and Nest Labs, to help reduce the energy consumed by US households and also help in reducing carbon emissions associated with energy usage.

As part of the collaboration, the companies are teaming up on a content that will award their products to one American family to demonstrate the potential savings resulting from their use. The program shows how the combination of renewable energy generation with timed0use rate energy plan can optimize energy consumption across electric or hybrid vehicles and home appliances.

The project began when Ford realized that it had all the information that would be useful to other companies developing products for an eco-conscious lifestyle. The information is the database of energy companies’ on and off-peak hours, which if used correctly can translate into savings. As an example, when users plug-in their Ford electric car, it only charges during off-peak hours, during which the cost of electricity is significantly less. Along the same lines, Whirlpool’s smart refrigerator knows about the off-peak hours and uses this time for energy-intensive functions such as making ice.

The Next Web notes that the collaboration intends to reduce the carbon footprint of an “average American household” while also saving money. The group has teamed up with Georgia Institute of Technology to calculate the potential energy savings and have found that the simple technologies could reduce energy costs by as much as 60 percent in one year and over 9000kg of CO2.

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